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Mythes et réalités sur l'entraînement physique
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Physical Fitness Training: Myth and Reality

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Mythes et réalités sur l'entraînement physique

Clear and precise responses to 50 myths about fitness training

There is so much contradictory information on all aspects of fitness training that it seems as if there are as many opinions as there are athletes! Finding it hard to figure it out? The authors of this book have simplified the task by putting together answers to 50 of the most widespread myths about conditioning and physical activity. Generously documented, the themes discussed are packed with wise advice to apply to your routine. Performance training or weight loss, cardiovascular or muscular conditioning: whatever your goal, you will find in these pages a valuable source of information to maximize the effects of your workouts and speed up your progress, while minimizing the risk of injuries or health problems. Armed with all of this new knowledge, you will discover a more pleasant, safer, more effective and more natural way to enjoy your favourite sports activities.

The books strong points
- A unique book offering precise, clear and well documented answers.
- It takes the latest research in exercise physiology into account.
- A practical and easy-to-use tool for improving your fitness training techniques and getting the most out of your sessions.
- A myth/reality format that is pleasant to read and easy to consult. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
22.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2012
Category : 
Sports and Leisure
Pages : 
240 pages


Pierre-Mary Toussaint

Pierre-Mary Toussaint

Pierre-Mary Toussaint is an activity coach and trainer specialized in working with high performance athletes. He holds a masters degree in exercise physiology and a diploma in kinesiology. See full author information (French)

Martin Lussier

Martin Lussier

Martin Lussier is a kinesiologist and instructor in the kinesiology department at the Universit de Montral. An accomplished athlete, he attempted to climb Everest in the fall of 2011. See full author information (French)


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