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Survival Tips for parents: dealing with preteens (9 to 12)

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Les Psy-trucs pour les préados de 9 à 12 ans

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Romania, Italy, Hungary

Keys for understanding and guiding your child effectively through the phases of his or her life

A good rapport with your preteen certainly makes parenting more appealing and constructive. In addition to dispelling myths about preteen reality, this fourth volume provides practical tips and advice that are easy to apply in everyday life.

Discover the keys for building and maintaining a warm relationship with your child—by getting to know and understanding him, respecting his individuality, as you guide him in his choices.

• Is my child addicted to technology (computer, videogames, telephone)?
• How to know if he's a victim of bullying, and how to intervene if necessary?
• Am I too demanding toward my child?
• She wants to stay home alone, but how do I know if she's really ready for that?
• He lies all the time. How should I intervene?
• She wants pocket money. Is that a good idea?

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19.95 $ CAD
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October 2011
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Family & Parenting
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224 pages


Suzanne Vallières

Suzanne Vallières

Psychologist Suzanne Vallières offers the results of her eighteen years of experience with young people as a specialized trainer, therapist, lecturer and mother of three children. She regularly contributes to television programs. See full author information (French)

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