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Healer of Cancer: The Power of the Mind

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Le pouvoir anticancer des émotions

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Italy, Spain

15000 copies sold in Québec in 6 months!

“New scientific research shows us that cancer is an environmental disease. That environment is not limited to the air we breathe and the electromagnetic waves that surround us. That environment is that of our cells. We are their environment.”

One person out of two will develop cancer in their lifespan, but against all medical odds, a certain number will survive a bleak prognosis. Did these “miraculous” ones manage to grasp a part of the equation that science has just started dipping into? Genetics, epigenetics, biology, quantum physics, and neuropsychology are all scientific domains undergoing important revolutions that are changing the way we look at health, life, and ourselves.

In our ability to deter negative emotions as well as emit and capture positive vibrations, we CAN prevent cancer and even modulate our DNA. This book brings forth a new integrative perspective on cancer rooted in consciousness. One by one, various internal and external ways to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms and reach emotional balance are identified and explained in accessible terms with a touch of humour.

The book's strong points:
• The author's credibility : Dr Boukaram is a radiosurgeon operating some of the most technologically advanced devices available in his field.
• The credibility of the content, which reflects the latest developments and studies in cancer treatment and prevention
• A cutting-edge book written in language the general public can easily understand

Table of content:
Chapter 1  The allegory of the disease
Chapter 2  A quick course in oncology
Chapter 3  The return of emotions
Chapter 4  Beyond Frontiers
Chapter 5  Epigenetics : Destiny Does not Lie in our Genes
Chapter 6 Me, You, and the Universe
Chapter 7  Healthy Balance
Chapter 8 The Emotional Side of Health
Chapter 9 The Physical Side of Health
Chapter 10 The Spiritual Side Health
Chapter 11  The Ennemy Within

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October 2011
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176 pages


Christian Boukaram

Christian Boukaram

Christian Boukaram is a Radiation Oncologist, lead researcher and Head of the Radiosurgery service at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Montreal, Canada. As a professor at the University of Montreal, he teaches in disciplines such as oncology and neurology. He has a strong interest for neuropsychology and makes regular use of hypnosis with his patients. He is also the director of CROIRE, an organisation he co-founded in order to provide emotional support to patients with cancer. See full author information (French)

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