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Survival Tips for Parents for children aged 3 to 6

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Les Psy-trucs pour les enfants de 3 à 6 ans

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Survival Tips for Parents

Being a parent is not an inborn skill; it's an ongoing learning experience. These «survival tips» will help parents give their children a solid and essential foundation and get them off to a good start in life! This series provides clear answers to many parents' questions about their child's early development, exploding a number of myths, while offering tips and advice to make parents' lives easier. Each article contains easy-to-follow child-rearing tips for everyday situations.

When does the foetus become aware of us? Should I let my child cry at night? How can I get him to sleep in his own bed? Is rocking her spoiling her? By what age should he be toilet trained?
What should I do when she throws a tantrum?

Survival Tips for Parents for children aged 3 to 6

Is it possible to keep bedtime from turning into a real nightmare? Are fights between brothers and sisters unavoidable? Why do I have to give the same instructions over and over? How should I react to my child's lying? How can I keep him from turning into a spoiled brat? How can I prepare him for school?
Table of Contents

«Why, Daddy, why?» (the why stage)
The KING of the house (the child-king)
«I promise I won't suck my thumb anymore!»
«I'm not hungry!» (refusing to eat)
They never stop fighting! (sibling rivalry)
Discipline: always a challenge
It's story time! (nurturing a love of reading)
«Mummy, is there a Santa Claus?» (the imaginary world)
A bad day at daycare?
«I'm a bad boy» or «I'm a bad girl» (self-esteem)
«I'm not sleepy» (refusing to go to bed)
«Go to your room!» (ways of disciplining your child)
«Where do babies come from?» (sexuality)
My child has an imaginary playmate!
«I'm Superman!» (role play)
It's nap time!
«Honest…I didn't do it!» (lying)
«Someday I'm going to marry you, Mummy!» (Oedipus complex)
«Mummy, when is it my holidays?» (the benefits of holidays for a child)
Ready or not, I'm off to school! (the first day of school) See complete product information (French)
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19.95 $ CAD
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March 2009
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Family & Parenting
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256 pages
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18.7 X 14.0 cm


Suzanne Vallières

Suzanne Vallières

Psychologist Suzanne Vallières offers the results of her eighteen years of experience with young people as a specialized trainer, therapist, lecturer and mother of three children. She regularly contributes to television programs. See full author information (French)

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