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Stimulez votre système immunitaire
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Stimulate Your Immune System

Essential foods for developing your natural defences

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Stimulez votre système immunitaire Les aliments-clés pour développer vos défenses naturelles

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France, Italy, Romania

Good eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle are the best way to counteract the harmful effects of daily external stresses and strains on the body. In fact, a number of nutrients in our food can have a positive influence on the immune system's equilibrium. What's more, health ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics, as well as health supplements like plant extracts, seem to have the ability to affect it in a positive way.

By choosing a healthy diet, following the advice in this book, we give our body essential tools to help it better fight against disease. See complete product information (French)
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5.97 $ CAD
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February 2008
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224 pages
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23.0 X 17.8 cm


Isabelle Huot

Isabelle Huot

The author of many bestsellers, ISABELLE HUOT holds a doctorate in nutrition. The owner of five nutrition and weight loss clinics, she is a valued contributor to various media. See full author information (French)

Denis Roy

Denis Roy

Denis Roy is a professor in the Département des sciences des alimentset de nutrition (Department of food sciences and nutrition) atUniversité Laval in Canada. See full author information (French)


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