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Féminité & Ayurveda
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Femininity & Ayurveda

The art of living, plants, recipes, and well-being rituals

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Féminité & Ayurveda Nature, art de vivre, plantes, recettes, rituels bien-être

Honouring your femininity and stimulating your energy through Ayurveda.

Woman's nature is a gift: it is gentle, soothing, creative, fertile, affectionate, receptive and nurturing. However, in a society where masculinity rules, where the values of efficiency and productivity predominate, the strength innate in every woman is often weakened, and sometimes even suppressed. So, what if we reconnected with it in order to reclaim it and be more in tune with ourselves! A herbalist and aromatherapist, Krystine St-Laurent presents instruction in Ayurveda by deepening the relationship uniting nature and femininity: she shows us how to live in harmony with its different cycles to achieve greater balance. In seven chapters, the author tackles a multitude of subjects that affect all women—girls, new moms, pregnant or menopausal women—, and she applies Ayurvedic wisdom to treating various health problems like hormonal disturbances, decreased libido and menstrual cramps. Combining the benefits of medicinal plants and infused oils, breathing exercises, meditation practice, as well as teaching self-massage techniques, this book offers an exploration of various kinds of rituals for increasing or maintaining our energy and awakening the goddess asleep within us.

• A coffee-table type book, generously illustrated.
• Basic principles of Ayurveda (doshas, diet, plants and essential oils, and a healthy lifestyle).
• Subjects that affect the health of women at every age and their well-being.
• A credible author, specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, herbalist, and certified aromatherapist. See complete product information (French)
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39.95 $ CAD
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August 2021
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384 pages


Krystine St-Laurent

Krystine St-Laurent

An author, lecturer, and columnist, Krystine St-Laurent is a herbalist and certified aromatherapist. She is an accredited instructor in the Chopra Center's Ayurvedic Lifestyle programme, and has done Master of Wisdom & Meditation training with Davidji. She is also part of the Holistic Health team at Le Monastère des Augustines. Having been a nurse for more than 20 years, she is able to simplify in a concrete and effective way what the body needs to maintain the health and vitality naturally available to everyone. See full author information (French)

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