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L'ère du féminin
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The era of womanhood

Develop the power within you with Kundalini

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L'ère du féminin Créer sa voie grâce à la kundalini

Discover the best techniques for women yearning to feel vitalized, safe, relaxed and in control of themselves.

This book offers an innovative, pragmatic and inspiring approach to the concept of womanhood:?their strength, courage, abilities and vastness. It also encourages women to express their identity and unlimited capacities. The concepts and experiments discussed in this book are especially inspired by Kundalini, yogic and Tantric wisdom, as well as by recent discoveries in modern science. This is an invaluable guide for women who want to take control of their lives and reinvent themselves based on their inner power. Applying these concepts will allow readers to meet life's challenges calmly, lucidly and with peace of mind, motivated by a profound feeling of connection and triumph. The approach is simple, accessible and refined. It offers women ways to connect with their feminine power and develop the inner resources needed to navigate confidently the waters of an era in which change is everywhere and pressures are ever greater.

Strong points
  • A well-written narrative in everyday language that speaks both to fans of yoga and meditation and to women who have never done either.
  • More than thirty exercises and meditations to guide you gently but surely toward the best version of yourself.
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34.95 $ CAD
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April 2021
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256 pages


Nicole Richard

Nicole Richard

Nicole Richard is a dynamic, pragmatic, vivacious and authentic instructor. Her mission: to give us the enlightenment and tools we need to propel us forward in life. The holder of a BA in outdoors and adventure tourism, she has over 3000 hours of training in the mechanisms of consciousness raising, meditation, yoga and leadership. See full author information (French)

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