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Disney World sans se tromper
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Disney World – Getting it Right

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Disney World sans se tromper

When you're planning a trip to Disney World in Florida, wouldn't you like to have the advice of a friend who's stayed there twenty times? Well, here she is!

Every year, Disney World attracts nearly 20 million visitors. Wonderful though it is, this place “where dreams come true” can quickly turn into a logistical or financial nightmare, if you're not adequately prepared.


With so many things to do, how can you tell what's worth seeing? Which activities and attractions are not to be missed? What attractions are worth reserving places for ahead of time? How can you choose a hotel or restaurant from among hundreds of options? What's the best time of year to enjoy a given activity or to travel with young children? Where's the best place to meet Cinderella? And even: what must you absolutely not forget to take along with you? This illustrated guide makes it impossible to get it wrong. Whether you are travelling as a couple, a family, or with friends, you'll find all the tips from seasoned visitors and all the recommendations of a passionate Disney World fan that you need to make your stay unforgettable, meeting all your expectations while staying within your budget.

A guide that goes far beyond description and takes into consideration all kinds of travellers to make precise and useful recommendations.

A user-friendly format with clearly organized information that subdivides the organization of the trip into different steps, from planning to arrival.

THE book to buy to plan a trip to Disney World. Everything is here and everyone will find what they are looking for. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
5.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
May 2017
Category : 
Sports and Leisure
Pages : 
224 pages


Nathalie Lachance

Nathalie Lachance

NATHALIE LACHANCE is studying tourism. Thirty years after discovering the wonderful Disney World universe, she has decided to put down on paper the tips, ideas and comments gathered during her twenty or so visits … See full author information (French)

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