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Défis zéro gaspi
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Défis zéro gaspi Techniques et canevas pour réduire le gaspillage alimentaire

A practical guide for incorporating zero-waste cooking into your life!

The surge in popularity of the zero-waste movement has shed light on a number of aberrations in our consumption habits, and food waste has become THE topic everyone is talking about. Now that we have woken up to this problem, questions have inevitably been raised. How do you plan your food shopping so as to waste less? How do you cook a certain food to get the most out of it? How do you preserve this or that ingredient to prolong its shelf life? Florence-Léa Siry, in her own friendly way, provides all the answers to your questions and many others, by encouraging you to change your consumption habits without turning your daily routines upside-down. Her new guide will show you how to better figure out what you really need, how to organize your fridge and pantry so you can keep track of everything, and how to make small efforts that will soon become automatic. Using the thirty recipe outlines provided, you'll be able to unleash your creativity and make an infinite number of dishes using only what you have on hand! As you will see, Florence-Léa turns change into child's play!

  • A lighthearted and relaxed tone. 
  • A simple, flexible, and fun approach to zero-waste cooking, making it perfectly easy to do and realistic, even in the hustle and bustle of daily routines. 
  • Tips that are easy to use and a way of organizing explained step by step. 
  • Outlines that call on your creativity and take your meals off the beaten path. 
  • 31 recipe outlines for cooking with what you have on hand. 
  • A very colourful layout and a ton of mouth-watering photos!
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Price : 
29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
October 2021
Category : 
Food & Wine
Pages : 
160 pages


Florence Léa Siry

Florence Léa Siry

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