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Running Around The World: 200 Races

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Courir autour du monde

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Surpassing your limits while exploring new parts of the world... one kilometer at a time!

 With the growing popularity of running and the thousands of events organized all over the world every year, more and more runners are planning their holidays to coincide with the races that interest them. Author Nathalie Rivard has chosen 325 races of all kinds: those that are just for fun, the legendary, the spectacular, the extreme, events for foodies, and the just plain crazy, where runners have to overcome several obstacles and roll around in mud or bubbles!

Whether you're a seasoned runner who does ultra-trail, or a beginner who is happy to run five kilometers, there are races for every taste and level! From the Disney marathon to the Himalayan run, the Spartan Race and the Brain Freeze, running is a way to stretch your limits while exploring new places... one kilometer at a time!

 Strong points

- The author's exhaustive research.
- A goldmine of information for all runners wanting to do what they love in other countries.
- Generously illustrated with magnificent photos.
- Practical “travel guide” format.
- Easy to locate information organized by themes, geographic locations, distances run, etc.
- Lively style. See complete product information (French)
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29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2016
Category : 
Sports and Leisure
Pages : 
256 pages


Nathalie Rivard

Nathalie Rivard

A journalist and runner, Nathalie Rivard writes regularly in magazines on running, outdoor activities and exercise. In 2013, she returned to racing, participating in the Montreal - New York Challenge, where she ran the equivalent of two marathons in three days. She loves participating in organized races and has several planned for the coming year. See full author information (French)

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