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Le coup de grâce

If I were you, I'd unbuckle my belt right now...

A passionate creator of recipes, a daring stylist and an inspired photographer, Samuel Joubert is a culinary one-man band. His flamboyant style is definitely urban, and he has a knack for making all his projects feel festive and full of life.

A firm believer in the pleasure of eating without compromising, Samuel doesn't hesitate to add alcohol, bacon and lots of cheese to his creations, while still including fresh and colourful dishes where vegetables are king. Presented in a friendly, unpretentious tone, Samuel's recipes are both simple and original: apple, pear and lime crepes, beer-based onion soup topped with melted cheese, warm Viking salad, tempura bananas with nutella filling... And what can be said about his innovative photos, so full of character, except that they make your mouth water!

A book with a contemporary vibe: innovative, youthful, original, inspired and inspiring! And Samuel has a warning for you: if I were you, I'd unbuckle my belt right now...

Strong points
- Modern photos and a highly contemporary graphic presentation.
- Easy-to-make, original, and clearly explained recipes.
- 100 recipes: a generous offer! See complete product information (French)
Price : 
34.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
October 2016
Category : 
Food & Wine
Pages : 
256 pages


Samuel Joubert

Samuel Joubert

A photographer first and foremost, his enormous enthusiasm for cooking combined with his love of images has made Samuel Joubert a multidisciplinary individual with many resources. When he isn't working or feeding his new-born son, Samuel is busy travelling and recording his discoveries through his camera lens. He shares his “crazy” culinary experiments on his site, See full author information (French)

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