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Comprendre la douance
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Understanding Giftedness

Putting an end to the myth of the genius who does everything well

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Comprendre la douance Pour en finir avec le mythe du génie à qui tout réussit

Is your child or pupil gifted? Here's how to understand, help and support a gifted child each and every day.

Many people think, wrongly, that giftedness is a blessing. Yet this is a complex diagnosis that requires many adjustments, both at school and at home. Not all gifted children are little geniuses: many fail at school and some drop out, for want of adequate supervision and support. Furthermore, many gifted children are not diagnosed, since teachers and psychologists often don't recognize giftedness. As a result, too many young people are still diagnosed with ADHD or even ASD, when they are in fact gifted!

How do you stimulate gifted children? How do you manage their anxiety and hypersensitivity? How do you help them understand and accept their difference? And, especially, how do you keep this gift from turning into a burden? Using concrete examples and scientific explanations in lay language, this book will help you better grasp what's going on in the mind (and heart!) of a gifted child. The authors also discuss the various kinds of giftedness (homogeneous and heterogeneous), while offering many pieces of advice for better understanding these children, at school and at home.

An extremely useful book on how to support gifted children and contribute to developing their full potential, so that at long last they will no longer be misunderstood and left on the sidelines.


  • Since the authors are teachers, their approach is based on a desire to help gifted children not only at home, but also in class.
  • The fact that one of the authors has children with high-potential traits and the other is the mother of a gifted child adds a level of understanding to the scope of the task, both for parents and teachers, of raising a gifted child.
  • The scientific information is well presented for the lay reader and the authors take the drama out of difficult situations using humour.
  • Personal stories told by parents of gifted children and adults who live with the diagnosis give the book a human and touching perspective.
  • Teachers will find this book very useful.
  • University professors and researchers suggest pedagogical techniques for fostering success in gifted children, and teachers talk about their experience.
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27.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
September 2019
Category : 
Family & Parenting
Pages : 
256 pages


Kim Nunès

Kim Nunès

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Julie Rivard

Julie Rivard

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