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Ciao plastique!
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Bye-Bye Plastic !

Can we live without plastic?

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Ciao plastique! Peut-on vraiment s'en passer?

Who hasn't dreamed of eliminating plastic from their life? Here is how.

Journalist Evelyne Charuest and her family tried the radical experiment of not using plastic in their daily lives for a year. This memoir is the detailed story of their attempt; it's also a guide for those who want to decrease their ecological footprint by rethinking their use of plastic. The author shares the pitfalls, thoughts and observations related to a life without plastic. What do you do about backto- school needs and compulsory school supplies? What is a children's party like without plastic? How do you avoid synthetic materials in clothing? The guide portion of the book suggests durable alternatives to plastic, focussing on each room in the house—from the kitchen to the bathroom, and including children's bedrooms.

Strong Points
  • A practical book that reads like a novel, in which the author talks about her daily battle with plastic, while providing readers with a mine of information on a substance that's harmful to the environment, but so practical... 
  • A guide section helps readers, if they wish, to decrease the amount of plastic in the house. 
  • An essential book for anyone with an environmental conscience.
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29.95 $ CAD
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April 2021
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176 pages


Evelyne Charuest

Evelyne Charuest

Evelyne Charuest is a journalist and broadcaster. She can be heard regularly on radio and has participated in many television programs. See full author information (French)

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