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Le Chercheur d'âme
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The Soul-Seeker

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Le Chercheur d'âme

By making him bare his fangs, anger turns man into an animal…

They call him the Soul-Seeker. Each of the women he kills is found with her face slashed – the bearer of a message that seems to taunt the police. The soil that nourishes his insanity? Professional wrestling, the fortress of machismo and choreographed violence. And it is up to Xavier Martel, of the Major Crimes Unit, to put an end to his search. As a child, Martel tasted raw violence when his father shoved a revolver into his mouth. Since then he has been subject to episodes of taste synesthesia, a rare neurological condition in which any powerful emotion imprints itself on his tongue and palate. A predator among predators, Martel will spare no effort to put an end to the killer's bloody cycle. But sometimes the cold barrel of a pistol is less sour than the bitter taste of defeat. Or than the vision of what man has in store for his fellow man.




A breathless rhythm, action galore.

An intriguing backdrop.

Several clues that put the reader on the wrong track.

Finely drawn, very complex characters.

A sweeping finale that will leave the reader breathless. See complete product information (French)
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29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
April 2017
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464 pages


Steve Laflamme

Steve Laflamme

STEVE LAFLAMME teaches literature (detective, among others), as well as being a singer and guitarist in a blues band. He has given himself the goal of writing, writing, writing…always in shades of black on black. See full author information (French)

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