My Brain Needs Glasses

ADHD explained to kids
Par l'auteur Annick (Dr) Vincent

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Description du livre

Awareness of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has grown considerably in recent years, and there is much more information available now than ever before. Children need to understand the issue as much as anyone else does, and this book is the perfect "gift tool kit' for answering their questions. The imaginary journal of Tom, age 8, is packed with instructive information and useful tips, and allows children;as well as parents and other caregivers;to deal effectively with ADHD. This fictional friend's funny and imaginative words, accompanied by lively children's drawings, will help kids get a firm grasp on their situation; one with a range of challenges that are anything but imaginary. Staying true to the tone and spirit of the original editions, this new book is enhanced to better meet the needs of readers today. The scientific information uses the most recent conclusive data. The strategies and tools to better cope with ADHD are supplemented with the most recent advice, particularly on the subject of healthy living, managing time, space and emotions, and dealing with school life. The section on medication is enriched with information on the different options available, how to assess the need to medicate, and daily management of adjustments to ensure children's optimal well-being. An indispensable book for anyone who has already been affected by the issue and for those who want to know more.