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Les bonnes choses
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Vegan cuisine from morning to night

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Les bonnes choses Cuisine végane au fil du jour

110 easy recipes for discovering vegan cuisine!

Who said vegan cuisine is complicated? Certainly not Éline Bonnin, who has adapted it to make it both doable and irresistible. From basic sauces to tempting desserts, and including a whole range of original ideas for hurried mornings, vitamin-rich packed lunches and large and small evening meals, you'll discover in this book everything you need to master fuss-free plant-based cooking. Béchamel sauce, basic broth and mayonnaise, smoothies, apple-caramel crepes and all kinds of cakes, spaghetti squash burgers, legume steaks and spinach lasagna, beet hummus and bell pepper caviar, molten chocolate cake and strawberry matcha pie … vegan treats will soon hold no secrets for you!

Strong points:

•    Simple recipes made with ingredients easily found in grocery stores.
•    Variations and practical advice that make the book even more user-friendly.
•    A short glossary to familiarize readers with ingredients they may not know about.
•    Magnificent contemporary-style photos. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
34.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
August 2019
Category : 
Food & Wine
Pages : 
232 pages


Eline Bonnin

Eline Bonnin

Trained in Toulouse, ÉLINE BONNIN was a pastry chef and taught plant-based cuisine in France before coming to live in Quebec. Enthusiastic and with a keen sense of humour, she serves up generous helpings of advice in her blog, Patate & Cornichon. See full author information (French)

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