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Amoureux et heureux malgré nos différences
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In Love and Happy Despite our Differences

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Amoureux et heureux malgré nos différences

When two unique beings decide to love each other, there is a world of differences they have to learn to deal with!

So many elements define us: our personality, our temperament, our past experiences and even our genetics! No wonder the union of two people causes a few surprises, and even friction. For forming a couple means sharing our life with someone who, of course, resembles us, but who is inevitably different. These differences are often deeply entrenched in each of us, but it is possible to use them to our advantage to enrich a relationship. To achieve this, you first have to know yourself well. You also have to be able to identify those wounds that haven't quite healed, because they have the potential to resurface at any age and disrupt a couple's life. This can then lead to conflict in the relationship, without either one knowing exactly why two beings who love each other so much can come to distrust each other. Luckily, because of recent developments in psychotherapy and neurobiology we have been able to discover the origins of this pain and lighten its emotional load. Since self-knowledge is fundamental in a happy relationship, this book invites you on a true voyage of self-discovery and exploration. It will also help you come to terms with individual differences by developing compassion and acceptance. Being happy as a couple? It's possible!

•The best advice from a psychologist specialized in couples therapy.
•An up-to-date discussion that takes into account new approaches in psychotherapy and the latest perspectives in neurobiology.
•Few books for a general readership present so many psychological concepts in such a concise and readable way, or talk about the importance in the life of a couple of the healthy management of individual differences.
•An accessible and fascinating approach, with situational examples that illustrate the concepts touched on. See complete product information (French)
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24.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
February 2022
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Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
176 pages


France Duval

France Duval

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

François St Père

François St Père

A Doctor of Psychology, family mediator and trainer, François Saint-Père has been practising for over ten years and is the co-founder of the Clinique de psychologie Saint-Lambert, near Montreal. He has taught at the Universit de Montreal and participated in designing and implementing various research projects examining the effectiveness of couples therapy. See full author information (French)


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